Glitter Bomb Prank | Foam Micro-Bead Card
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Foam Micro-Bead Card

$12.95 $6.00

This is one of our favorite cards, because it’s filled with our mini foam beads! These little suckers get everywhere, and the static makes it extra fun to clean up. We also add some white glitter to make it glisten just like snow! Our innovative greeting card design is the best out there because it shoots the surprise filling up and out of a pouch, rather than just falling straight to the ground. Currently available in white beads, but more colors to come soon. Our envelopes are colorful and handwritten, to ensure the cards don’t get tossed out with the junk mail. We ship the cards inside a small cardboard box, so that they remain in tact throughout the shipping process. Other sites just mail a regular envelope, and by the time it arrives…glitter is everywhere and it is obvious what’s inside. How do we know? Because we ordered cards from our competitors to ensure we have the very best product. Multiple card styles available!

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